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Jonah Sun is an indie-electronic artist based out of San Francisco, CA. Utilizing his unique setup of keyboards, samples, vocal effects and drum machines, he creates music that blends cinematic, piano-driven melodies with dreamy synths and captivating vocals. The catchy, transcendent sounds resonate with messages of hope that will be on repeat in your head for days


"Jonah Sun has blood and bones made of musical notes and rhythm. He’s one of those guys who can pick up any instrument and play you the song you just requested. He’s a natural-born performer known for very experimental sounds, pushing the boundaries of what we think of as hip-hop, indie and electronica. He manages to pull them all into one, gripping the listener tightly, laying his own vocals on top and bringing you on a musical journey of sorts, through emotional highs and lows. His voice is amazing, his productions are perfect and his stage presence is mesmerizingly energetic. Prepare for the journey."

-Benjamin K (You're Welcome, The Great Northern, Monarch)







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